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The Recycle Show!
Environmental Entertainment

The ReCycle Show!

REduce, REuse and REcycle in a REdiculous way! Richard Renner, our goofy garbage man, will lead your students through the wonderful world of trash and resources with wacky inventions, circus arts, music and interactive games. The REcycle Show focuses on the REasons for conserving our REsources - overpopulation, wasted energy and consumer market demands. Through juggling and magic tricks with trash, special attention is made to show how our personal choices affect our environment. With a grin and a giggle, students will learn that they CAN make a difference by REducing, REusing and REcycling.

"Richard's REcycle Show is one of the best we have had in being both entertaining and educational. He manages to keep everyone's attention with his energy and antics and help us understand the environment too. He's not a preacher or a teacher but a very excited cheerleader for learning!"

Michelle Mills, Lee Richardson Zoo, Garden City, KS

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